Liver Cancer Prognosis by Stage – Symptoms, Signs, Risks, and Stages

Liver Cancer Prognosis

Liver cancer prognosis is an important subject to be discussed. Liver cancer which is also known as hepatic cancer can either be primary or secondary. The primary liver cancer is located where it actually originates in the liver while in its secondary kind, it is metastasized or spread to the liver from some other body parts.

As far as the secondary tumors are concerned, outlook and behavior vary depending on cancer’s origin. In the case of the primary cancers usually, the poor outlook is seen due to the fact that disease doesn’t cause any noticeable symptoms till the time it reaches some advanced stage.

liver cancer prognosis

Liver Cancer Prognosis and Health Risks to Keep in Mind for Better Understanding

The liver cancer prognosis becomes as much worse as much the time is taken to discover it. The general health of the person as well as the liver health also impacts the prognosis of the liver cancer and the kind of treatments that are undergone along with whether that person gets involved in any kind of clinical trials.

Most commonly known kind of the liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma and it is also called hepatoma. People having cirrhosis of liver have increased the risk of cancer and in this case, the tissue of the liver is scarred because of alcoholism or some infection like hepatitis C.

liver cancer prognosis

The infections of hepatitis B that usually persist for longer time periods are also the source of increasing the liver cancer development risk. Initially, the symptoms may be vague or these might be disguised due to cirrhosis symptoms. These can include pain, swelling or abdominal mass and jaundice.

Liver Cancer Tests – Liver Cancer Stages:

Normally the tests are carried out for the sake of confirming that cancer exists in order to determine progression stage as well as assessing the liver function.

The staging can be considered significant in patient’s liver cancer prognosis. Possibly four Liver Cancer Stages can be there for the liver cancer. Best prognosis can be carried by the first stage and it can then be used for describing the small tumor that hasn’t spread beyond patient’s liver or attacked nearby lymph or blood vessels.

The stage four is often associated with the worst liver cancer prognosis and at this stage, cancer has already spread beyond patient’s liver with secondary tumors that are called as the metastases are found in different body parts.

In the case of early discovery of the liver cancer the surgery might be required to carry out. The best liver cancer prognosis is carried by the liver transplant and the statistics show that 80% of the people live for around 4 years after the surgery.

liver cancer prognosis

At times, surgery is used for removing cancer from the liver, that is a little bit lesser positive outlook, as just around 15% people survive five years after surgery. In case if removed tumor is really small then outlook often improves and more than 50% patients are expected to live more than five years.

As far as the healthy people are concerned, the liver cancer prognosis is often better due to some general fitness that provides the person with the ability to withstand more treatments.

Worse prognosis is given by a cirrhosis, unhealthy liver because it isn’t often likely to get recovered after the surgery. Getting involved in clinical trials can be associated with more outlooks that are positive but the exact reason for why it happens is not known so far and researches have been carried out for finding why is it so.

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